I Think It's About Time for You to Stop Strugglin’ and Start Swimmin’ In All The Clients You Can Handle, Yeah?
In the One-Time-Only, LIVE LeadsLab 30-day workshop, I’ll show you how to find the right leads, say the right things, and turn ‘em into as many clients as you want. 
All in as little as 20 minutes a day.
the sales gorilla - Landon Porter 
Ready to end the "ouch-reach" strategies?
Put the "PM me bros" to rest?

Are you getting consistent leads from that? Nopetynopenope.

Even when you get one, are they the perfect fit? Do you feel like a twatwaffle begging for attention, but don’t know how else to get it done?

I’ll tell you how else.

There’s a way to start easy, happy conversations with qualified leads. 





Ready to end the "ouch-reach" strategies?
Put the "PM me bros" to rest?

Are you getting consistent leads from that? Nopetynopenope.

Even when you get one, are they the perfect fit? Do you feel like a twatwaffle begging for attention, but don’t know how else to get it done?

I’ll tell you how else.

There’s a way to start easy, happy conversations with qualified leads. 



the sales gorilla - Landon Porter 
You ready to stop feelin’ like some sorta starvin’ artist, and become an entrepreneur that has a badass business, with a real demand for what you offer, and clients you’re happy to work with?
Dude, I see the bullshit that’s happenin’ with online marketing and I see what it’s doin’ to ya.
You’re sick of spray and pray social media methods that don’t work. 

You’re tired of feelin’ stuck in the middle of “I don’t know where to get my leads” and “How do I transition from friendly conversation to ‘hey you wanna buy my shit?’”

Have you been using “PM me bro” tactics just for people to treat you like a douchecanoe or not respond at all?

Did someone talk you into thinkin’ you had to do some form of painful Ouch’reach method?

Shit sucks. 

Thing is, you haven’t quit - like over 80% of other business owners - ‘cause you know that your thing is Awesomesauce. 

And you know that if you could just say the right thing, at the right time, to the right leads to get them to SEE how much you could help ‘em, it would solve all the problems you’re facin’ right now in your business.

Don’t get me wrong…
You and I both know that the BIG goal is to stop feelin’ the need to “get leads” altogether, right?

Want ‘em to come to you?

That’ll come, and I’m gonna help you do it, but let me ask you a question…

If you’re already strugglin’ to find your leads and say the right thing to ‘em 1-on-1...

How’re you planning to automate and scale a conversation you haven’t gotten right yet?

That’s right, you can’t. 

And if you’ve been strugglin’ to set up your funnel and get it convertin’ it’s probably because someone made you believe you can skip this step of learnin’ how to find your leads and talk to ‘em.

And I get why that’s attractive to ya, ‘cause let’s face it, right now, you’re: 

  •  Battling with headache leads - some of whom slipped through the cracks and turn into headache clients that take up too much of your time for too little in return
  •  Wonderin’ where your next client is even comin’ from 
  •  Spendin’ hours on hours writing social media content or doin’ some type of spammy ouch-reach that makes you feel like a downright douchecaoe (and it shows)
  •  Or hiding out altogether in the shadows ‘cause you just can’t seem to get this shit right, and it feels like hell on a shit-waffle to think you HAVE to be that salesy asshole to make this work
And all you wanna do is get out of this cycle. ‘Cause you know this isn’t how you should be spendin’ your time. 

And I agree with ya.
You should be spendin’ it with your highest level clients (in other words, Dream Clients) who are happy to talk to you, happy to ask for your help, and even happier to pay you for 
But we all know that lead gen hasn’t been that solution for ya, has it?
What if I told you there is a way to make it rain on your bank account by knowing how to initiate simple, comfortable, happy conversations with the right leads - And that it just requires a process no one’s talkin’ about. 
Yeah, I’ve lead a lot of people to the watering hole with this one:
The truth? 

People like you & me? We have to do peopleing differently than the sales guys. 

Because we aren’t really the sales guys, nor do we want to be sales guys. All of that sleazy, pushy, manipulative psycho-warfare shit ain’t for us. Never has been. 

I had to find out the hard way. Did the sales thing - got good at doin’ it the wrong way. Couple decades later I was depressed and couldn’t look myself in the mirror. 

Don’t do what I did. But don’t give up either. 

I’ll show you how to get so good at findin’ and talkin’ to leads the non-salesy, feel-good, and quick way that you can have 10, 20, 30, 40 new conversations started whenever you want ‘em. Sky’s the limit.

And it won’t feel uncomfortable. 

You won’t have to be a douchecanoe about it or twist arms or interrupt people.

Believe it or not, it’ll actually feel….good.

But pay attention...

‘Cause stayin’ true to yourself in this world - the “getting clients” world, means you end up with one of two outcomes. 

Outcome #1: (most people)

You’ve been tryin’ the the sleazy sales thing, didn’t work for you ‘cause it ain’t you.

Now yer livin’ on a hope & a prayer. Tryin’ the snail’s pace social media tactics.

Don’t know where to find your leads or where your next client is comin’ from. 

When you find someone who’s willin’ to give you a shot you’re in scarcity mode - saying yes to price-shoppers again and again...even when it hurts…

’Cause you feel like yer out of other options. 

Even when you try to set up a funnel to automate this shit and get rid of the pain - it doesn’t work. Why? 

Because you haven’t nailed the conversation yet. A sales funnel just transfers that conversation to an automated process. If the conversation wasn’t workin’ before the funnel it sure as hell isn’t gonna work when you automate it.

But it gets deeper than that.

A lot of people in outcome #1 are afraid of quitting their jobs or might be about to pick one back up. 

A lot of people in outcome #1 are afraid to talk to their leads ‘cause they’ve had such a shitty experience with it so far. 

A lot of people in outcome #1 are spendin’ massive amounts of money to learn methods that don’t work and getting shit from their spouses from it. 

Lookin’ at their kids desperate to give them somethin’ they can be proud of. But they don’t have a clue how to make it happen.

Why does this happen?

Because most lead gen and sales trainin’ you get is all about interruption tactics, manipulating, and taking money from wherever you can get it. 

And not only is that just not who you are - but it’s not even who you have to be to make this work.

Somewhere deep down you know that. You know there’s an outcome #2. 

So let’s look at that: 

Those who have Outcome #2? They’ve got leads lined up from Alaska to the Nile. 

They know that any time they want a client they can literally just go out and get one - no problem.

They know where those leads are hangin’ out and how to talk to ‘em. 

And they’re opening up new client relationships left and right to scale their business. 

They’re not doin’ Ouch’reach like cold calling or emailin’ because they know that shit sucks for everyone involved.

They’re not doin’ spray and pray social media because they’re in a different world where their shit’s already cooked to serve. They don’t need to “try this out” to “see what sticks”. 

And they’re scaling their businesses with clients who love them, no day job in sight, and they’re buildin’ a legacy their families can be proud of.

The question is…

Why are so many people still stuck in Outcome #1?
‘Cause they haven’t uncovered what I know about finding the right leads, sayin’ the right things, and getting as many clients as they can handle without the bullshit - and without spending a shit-ton of time on it. 
Sup. I’m Landon Porter, but you can call me LP. 
And simply put, you should trust me ‘cause I’ve been helpin’ people figure this whole client acquisition thing out, again….
And again 
And again 
And I’ve done all this using what I’ve learned in the last couple of decades of being a pro closer at a couple different major companies. I’m talkin’ big bucks where I had to sign an NDA just to get my hands on the sales scripts. 

The thing about it is - I became good ‘cause I altered them to suit me. My weird ass self, who doesn’t like to twist arms, or beg for money, or interrupt people at their family dinner ‘cause who the hell wants that?

I’ve helped over 20,000 people in the past few years on their journey to becoming the real entrepreneur and business owner they really want to be. 

With client they really want to have. 

And a business they really can be proud of.

Are you next?
I can help you turn your business into something you can be proud of, with a lot of clients who love the hell out of payin’ you - while giving you permission to be your weird ass self the whole damn time.
And it all starts with LeadsLab. 
LeadsLab is designed to help YOU: 
  • Get Away from everything you’re used to hating about finding the right leads and talkin’ to ‘em. It’s a whole different world in my part of the Jungle. No “door to door” sales tactics. None.
  •  Find the RIGHT Leads who will actually jive with what you’re offering and want to pay you for it.
  •  Say the RIGHT things to ‘em so there’s no question in their minds that YOU are the person who can fix their problem.
  •  Turn The Tables QUICKLY so those same new leads and clients that love you immediately start sendin’ more leads and clients your way all ‘cause you said the right thing to ‘em. 
  •  Get Back to Business because who the hell wants to focus on Leads for hours a day? No one. You have better stuff to do. So we’re gonna do this in an easy 20 minutes a day instead - while you still make money. 
But the question you have is...
How Will LeadsLab help you? By walking you through my entire process for opening dream client relationships with the right people. 
Here’s What You Get in the 30-Day LeadsLab: 
  • 30 Days of LIVE guidance from me, where I walk you through the “easy button” steps to finding the right leads, saying the right things, and turning ‘em into clients who are happy to pay you to do your thing.
  •  The Guesswork-Killer Roadmap - The even easier button. On the calls we’ll talk a bit about principles, and a lot about action. This is just the action in a nutshell. Do the steps, get the clients you want. So simple a 6-year-old could do it.
  •  “Not Your Grandma’s” Ideal Client Avatar - The backward approach to defining your ideal clients, so you can find the good ones and avoid “headache” clients from here on out.
  •  The No “PM me Bro” Social Media Formula to remove any hint of douchecanoe from your approach, so the leads you want to work with finally start responding to what you have to say, the way you want them to.
  •  How to be confident opening up sales conversations without ‘feeling weird’ or like you’re intruding in your prospects' world. There’s a time, a place, and a way. This is the secret.
  •  The Stupid-Simple “Offer Transition” - that will allow you to smoothly transition from the qualifying conversation to a confident offer without fumbling over delivery and landing it poorly.
  •  The Only Sales “Script” You’ll Ever Need - So you can go into every sales call with the confidence and social acuity to turn that new lead into a new client relationship.
This Alone Is Easily Worth $5,000 for the one-time-only LIVE round of LeadsLab, but there’s bonuses too...
I don’t know how long these will be around, either, so...might wanna keep reading to grab these bonuses.
Bonus #1: The LeadsLab Incubator ($997 value) - Get lifetime access to the exclusive student group where the training will be held, and where you will have networking access to some of the finest the Jungle has to offer. (Hint: if you’ve never been in some of the secret groups we have lurking around the hidden corners of the Jungle, it’s a money-making party you’ll be proud to be a part of). We already have over 30 of our top-players inside waiting to meet you.

Bonus #2: The Multiplier Method ($779 Value) - How a simple tweak in your client conversations can turn one client into two or more, every time, without being needy and begging for referral business, having to do extra, or having to pay. This is the key to taking control of referral business.

Bonus #3: A secret surprise (up to $600 value) - that will make it a minimum of 250 bananas easier for you to go from chasing leads to attracting them on autopilot as soon as we’re done with the 30-day LeadsLab, so you never even have to worry about this stuff again. How’s that for #GorillaJuice?
But This Is Going Away Like, Almost Yesterday. 
LeadsLab is the fastest way to turn your client acquisition problem around for good, but this is the LIVE round which means two things: 

           1. You’re getting in at an early-bird rate right now that’s a hell of a steal compared to where this puppy will end up
           2. Doors are fucking closing on this thing and that’s firm. I can’t let you in after ‘cause I’ll be too busy trainin’ up the members who
 weren’t afraid to step up and do the thing. 

When this timer right here gets to ZERO 
The price goes the hell up.
And here’s the thing. 
LeadsLab will give you the tools and quick strategies to help you easily find your leads, say the right things, and turn ‘em into clients whenever you want one. 

But what happens if you sit this out?

What face will you see when you look into the mirror a year from now?

Still gonna be lookin’ at your calendar stressed about how empty it is?

Maybe you’ll see what I saw - someone who figured out the sales thing the wrong way - the douchey way - and can’t stand it?

Still taking what you can get instead of opening relationships with leads who are actually a good fit with you and happy to pay?

Still dealin’ with headaches?

Hopin’ for referrals?

Postin’ on social media gettin’ crickets?
Maybe. I don’t know. But I can tell you what happens if you do take advantage of the LIVE version of 30 Day LeadsLab…
Most likely?

Same thing that happens with most of the people I help. 

You find out, once and for all, what the true authentic you is really made of. 

And how fuckin’ easy it is for you to go out, find leads that are really YOUR people, and start conversations with ‘em without the salesy bullshit and without puttin’ yourself in uncomfortable situations that compromise your integrity. 

Your confidence skyrockets ‘cause now you know how to talk to your people. 

And once you do that, everything changes: 

  • You get validation on your worth and your offer 
  •  Which then leads to a natural price raise. (Pro Tip: The key to raisin your prices is being confident in your worth)
  •  You get to make more money doin’ less work
  •  You find out that even though you might be a little introverted or a little shy, the problem wasn’t talkin’ to people. It was that you were tryin’ to talk to the wrong people. And you actually like doin’ this thing when you know who to talk to and what to say. 
  •  You know how to pull these leads in quickly so you can get back to playin’ in your genius zone. 
  •  Got a day job? Quit that shit. It’s time.
  •  You grow. And your business grows with you.
So I have a question’ for ya.
What would this kind of experience be worth to you:
I’m askin’ because LeadsLab is designed to hand you this experience like a gourmet Banana Cream Pie on a silver platter. 
Now let me be clear about somethin’
I help people with this a few different ways. 

People have opted into a $40,000 per year private mentorship with me to help them get their client acquisition together. 

I have two-week workshops running here and there that start at $2,500 with a lot more on the backend after they see results. 

I’ve been sellin’ courses on this thing and a little more for $1,500 to about $2,000 a pop.

And with everything that you’re gettin’ in this one-time live 30-day workshop those people might be a little pissed that I’m not chargin’ ya at least $5,000 for this thing. 

What I’m really chargin’ after the early-bird doors close? $750. But not for you. 

You get to get started for $250 today, and you can pay the next $250 in a month. 

Yep, that’s right. 

You get all this…

30-Day LeadsLab LIVE ($5,000 value) - 30 Days of Live instruction, accountability, and action steps from yours truly. Along with roadmaps and workbooks to make the doin’ easier and faster for ya.

Multiplier Method ($797 Value) - Helps you systematically turn one client into two, three, or more by tweakin’ conversations you’re already havin’ with ‘em. Without payin’ or beggin’ for referrals. 

LeadsLab Incubator ($997 Value) - Access to a private student group where you’ll have community and access to some of the finest members the Jungle has to offer. 

A Secret Surprise (up to $600 value) - I know you really want clients comin’ to you on autopilot. This is gonna make it a hell of a lot easier for you to make that happen as soon as you figure out what to say to ‘em. 
only 3 payments of $250 until the timer hits Zero
To get results like this
Or this
Or this
Now I know what you might be thinkin’. 
“LP, this is a good deal but that ain’t pocket change, man.” 
I get that, and it shouldn’t be. But if you’re worryin’ about costs for a solution that can really help you turn your shit around...isn’t that...

Kinda like your leads who miss out on the opportunity to get your help because they’re worried about cost? You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? 

Here’s how to put it into perspective to know if this is a good decision for you:
I want you to ask yourself…

If ALL this thing did was help me get 1 extra client per week for my business, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was land me ONE dream client that actually pays more, loves my work, and expects less, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was show me how I’ve been missing the mark on my conversations with leads, so I can make permanent changes that will help me forever, will this be worth it?

If you answered any or all of those questions with a YES - then this is it for you dude. 

‘Cause $250 down is nothin’ compared to what you’ll get by the time that next payment rolls in if you take the steps. 

But Remember
When that timer runs out - the price goes up. 
So, you ready to find the right leads, say the right things to ‘em, and get as many clients as you can handle in as little as 20 minutes per day? 
I’ve helped a lot of people get clients in a million different ways. 
Here’s what they have to say.
Dustin Belvin
"I'm getting new leads reaching out to me every single day, based on everything I've learned in this course."
Jason Dollinger
"This is me saying Thank You to Landon. The guy is great! Take his course and change your life."
Matt Staton
"I attract way better people and customers into my world. You can't really put a price on that. The mindset shift has helped me generate tens of thousands of dollars to my business."
Amy Smith
"I joined and on Day 1 - Module 1, I not only learned a lot, but I implemented the Gorilla 2-Step that Landon told me to implement, and I got a new client as soon as I put it on FB."
Jeff Brodie
"In more than 25 years of studying courses on sales & marketing, this is by far the best course I have ever engaged in."
Andrew Londre
"When I signed up, I committed myself to getting a new client today, so I could sign up without stressing out. One hour later, I got a new client!"
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Still Wonderin’ if LeadsLab is for You?
You Should Enroll If:
  • You’re ready to kick the douchecanoe shit to the curb
  •  Social media strategies are too slow and aren’t gettin’ you anywhere
  •  You know you’re a badass at your think and you’re sick of your calendar not reflecting that
  •  You’re sick of not being clear on who your target audience is and where they hang out
  •  You’re sick of feelin’ like you don’t know how to talk to people or get them to see your worth
  •  You have 20 minutes per day to put into doin’ the thing - and it’s worth it to you to commit to it because the outcome will be way fuckin’ better dude
  •  You never want to pick up the phone to call a stranger, or send another email to someone you don’t know again.
You NOT Should Enroll If:
  • You have all the leads you can handle and know exactly how to talk to ‘em
  •  You’re not willing or ready to invest in yourself - both in time and money
  •  You have more excuses than clients and you’re perfectly fine keepin’ it that way
  •  You believe 20 minutes per day is too much for you to handle - which means you have much deeper problems than this, dude.
* Warning these are case studies of entrepreneurs who actually put in the hard work and dedication to details to grow their business. Absolutely no income claims are being made or will be made. You must be 100% clear that to have a thriving successful business it takes sacrifice, dedication, attention to details, and yes a little luck. If you understand that click the button above and sign up for 30 Day Leads Lab.
* Warning these are case studies of entrepreneurs who actually put in the hard work and dedication to details to grow their business. Absolutely no income claims are being made or will be made. You must be 100% clear that to have a thriving successful business it takes sacrifice, dedication, attention to details, and yes a little luck. If you understand that click the button above and sign up for 30 Day Leads Lab.
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